My father once told me that life had no dress rehearsals; that we didn’t get to “do over” a scene we didn’t like or star in more screenings than originally booked.

That is, unlike Aussie singer John Farnham (who’s famous for a dozen or so ‘last comeback tours)’, or the never-ending parade of Cats musicals, life – unlike a show – is finite.

Life has an expiration date.

It sounds rather depressing and truth be told I’m only writing about this because on the weekend my 10-year-old cocker spaniel, Polly, became suddenly ill and 24 hours later had passed away.

As my daughter and I grieved her shock ‘stage exit’ and I began a stocktake of my own life, as many do at the Oscars ‘after party’ – I realised that for the most part I indeed was a protagonist.

Now, I’m not going to lie and say I’m a lead character ‘seizing the day’ in all aspects of my life, because when it comes to romance I’m more like ‘best actress in a supporting role’; or even, best comedic relief. But for the large part, I’m my own hero.

Which brings me to my second favourite quote. Now this one isn’t from my dad, but instead a girlfriend who once said to me, “no one is coming on a white horse to save you.”

Alas, she wasn’t talking about Prince Charming and a fairytale romance either but instead my health. Her point being, that as no one was riding in to save me I had to save myself.

If we open this up to the ‘audience’ … no one is coming to rescue you either.

I know, it’s like reality just poked you in the eye… hard.

And this is said not to burst any fairytale notions of happily ever afters, because those do exist – (in a galaxy far far away) – but instead to challenge the status quo.

If there are no dress rehearsals for life and no one is coming on a white horse to save you, what are you waiting for?

Why are you waiting to pursue your dream? Why are you waiting to fully back yourself? Why are you waiting to be ‘all in’ – in work, rest or play?

Are you going for broke in the ultimate nail biting plot, taking calculated risks for a blockbuster movie that boasts record ticket sales and blows the competition out of the water?

Are you the hero starring in your own movie or are you just an extra?

Because I’m not sure how long the ‘Directors’ plan to run your show (or mine), or for how many seasons our contract will be renewed; in fact, the only certainty is that there will be a series finale at some point.

So let’s make our life movie controversial, sensational, successful and inspirational.

Let’s be bold in business, life and adventure. Let’s travel far and love deeply, let’s make a list of what we want to see, achieve and experience and go after it this season.

Let’s be our own protagonists and action heroes because this really is the main event, front and centre on stage.

Life has no dress rehearsal, so it’s time to truly step into the spotlight today.

~ This blog post is dedicated to Davken Paddock Princess, aka Miss Polly Waffle, may you forever chase seagulls on the beach.


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