It’s time for the lasso of truth, to ‘out’ a non-superhero ‘hero’.

You see, while it is true that Wonder Woman and I have never been seen at the same time, at the same place. I am in fact, not of Amazonian immortal descent.

Even though I may or may not own a Wonder Woman singlet – which I secretly wear under a blouse during the colder months – alas neither am I the daughter of Queen Hippolyta.

In fact, I’m the daughter of a former Special Air Services and Green Beret Commando (yeah, a little bad ass) but barefoot I barely stand 5’5.

Although I would like to say the 165cm listed on my driver’s licence is a subject of contention, I maintain I’m a solid 5’6 … but I digress.

Some have argued that what I’ve achieved – from welfare to world stage, building a six-figure business within six months and a six-figure income within 18 months – is superhero stuff.

But alas, I’m just a single mum on the Gold Coast (in Australia) trying to put food on the table for my daughter, wanting to build a better life for us both, while smashing single parent stereotypes.

You see, should Olivia find herself in the same position as I am – a single mom – I want her to be able to follow her dream and reach for the stars.

But poke me and I bleed, poke me a little harder and I might cry.

It’s the smoke behind the mirrors in a world of perfection … perfect images, appearances and self promotion; and believe me – as a media and publicity expert – I really get that world.

So I want to be real with you. And I want more of us to be real together.

So let’s start with some the things you’ve seen me achieve … yes, I’m an award-winning journalist who hunted, caught and sent paedophile priests to jail.

I’ve also waded through crocodile-infested waters chasing cyclones for front page stories and gone undercover to find terrorist training camps.

But then during the entire month of March, four years ago (after I’d just left my husband of 12 years), I cried myself to sleep wondering how I would feed my daughter.

I’ve also stood in front of a room full of strangers as a keynote speaker and cried because the pressure of ‘converting’ the room into sales literally meant food – or no food – on the table.

My need for perfection at times has seen me paralysed in business, like a bunny in front of headlights. And I’ve had to learn that “done is better than perfect”.

I’ve learnt it takes courage to accept help and bravery to show vulnerability and so I want you to see behind the curtain. I want you to see behind my curtain.

I want you to know that I too have struggled and that I too work on my mindset and my strength of mind each and every day.

I want you to know that the gloss that you see on social media – from me and from others – is just one part of the picture.

Yes, I’ve spoken on stages in front of 1200 people in North America but to do that I first had to overcome a fear involving a piano exam when I was just 13 years old.

You see, being successful, or striving for success, does not negate fear. Reaching for the stars and holding them, does not negate struggle.

Sure, I’m blessed with some natural tenacity, drive and motivation, but I’m acutely aware that talent alone is not enough.

As a child prodigy my mother was quick to remind me that there would always be someone smarter and more talented than me.

My answer? “Yes, but what if they haven’t been born yet? Or they’ve been born and died? Or they won’t work as hard as me?”

She didn’t have an answer to that.

Something you might not know about me. Eight years ago I divorced my parents and only sibling. I have no blood family in the world other than Olivia. So if you’re ‘alone’, I get it. It’s scary. Although, my mindset coach would remind us both, that energetically we’re all connected.

It’s true, but I’ve got to tell you it doesn’t stem the tears some days. Some days it all just seems too much and so on those, I just follow the bouncy ball.

On the days when creativity and ‘big magic’ are missing, I follow my to-do list like a well-trained monkey, ticking off item after item.

I’ve been following the bouncy ball for the past 11 days, since arriving home from my latest sojourn to the United States.

I can’t say too much other than I’m currently fighting for my daughter’s right to travel the world while continuing her school studies online.

In the meantime, the world and business continues … copy for Facebook Ads, webinars, sales funnels and upcoming media and publicity opportunities.

Your story is no doubt the same it’s just the details are slightly different.

So I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone. Everyone struggles and I’m giving you permission to not be Wonder Woman.

I’m giving you permission to be a ‘mere’ mortal who sometimes produce super hero feats and other days wishes you could just forget about the world (cue Chasing Cars).

I’m giving you permission to #keepitreal

Comment below and share your truth with me.


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