Let’s be honest. It was (and is) a bit of a ‘sausage fest’.

Don’t believe me? Take the Google test.

Type in “who were the top motivational speakers in the 1980s” and you’ll be lucky to find Australian journalist and former magazine head honcho Ita Buttrose in the Top 20.

Change the search perimeters to 2018 and it’s not much different.

Now just in case sausage fest isn’t a universal term, here’s the official definition.

“Sausage fest (plural sausage fests) (slang, derisive) A party or gathering where all, or the vast majority of, the participants are male. This party is a total sausage fest! Let’s call Sarah and have her bring some of her girlfriends over.”

That’s the bad news, which is really the good news – there is a massive shortage of female speakers who sell from stage. Read huge opportunity.

And it gets even better: right now is the perfect time to get booked to speak in 2019 and here are your top five options to secure gigs for the next 18 months.

  1. Pay to speak (anywhere from a few hundred to $5000 and above depending on profit sharing of products sold from stage)
  2. Sponsor events (also from a few hundred to $25,000 and above). As a sponsor you will be given a small window to speak either from stage or at the ‘mixer’.
  3. Stage swap with other speakers – either a clean ‘podium swap’ or a commission share of products sold depending on the arrangement.
  4. Speak for free at networking and Meetup groups.
  5. Run your own events. Speak from your own stage. Sell into your own products.

Just today I was having a conversation about speaking engagements for 2019 – about being booked myself and about promoting others speakers to event organisers.

Because networking events are booking speakers right now and the good news is, you can get booked too, even if you don’t have any experience – everyone starts from somewhere.

In fact this is all you need to get started:

  • A ‘media one sheet’ or speaker’s pack / bio (click here if want one for free).
  • A signature talk unique to you (with a kick arse title).
  • A well thought out sales funnel to monetize the leads brought in from speaking.

Of course, you can figure the last one out once you’re booked; that’s right, get booked today figure the rest out later!  There’s nothing like a deadline.

Do that and I wonder whose photo will I find next time I ask Google for the top speakers of 2019?

Let me know if it will be you in the comments below.

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  1. Foxxy says:

    We do point number 5 – run our own event – Relationship Seminar every month on ‘Understanding Why Couples Fight & The Dynamics’… just have to work on the other 4 points.

    • Tanya Targett says:

      Hey Nicky, I think that can be a great idea. What is also really powerful is having someone pitch on your behalf to a networking event – a friend of partner (it’s very professional).


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