Warning: This is shot on location on a bull-shark infested windy canal on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. If you’re wearing earphones, apologies for the blast of wind at the beginning. It was great sailing weather.

A quick question: do you have a backup plan for your business?

Because if you do, you could be headed for deep water and I don’t just mean the smelly, murky, shark thriving waters of a stagnant Gold Coast canal, I mean a profound personal and professional crisis.

You see people often tell me, “if it doesn’t work out, I can always return to my day job.” Or, “I’m on maternity leave, so if the business isn’t profitable by the time it runs out, I can always return to work.”

And when I hear those phrases I feel like responding with: “I’m sorry to say this, but you may as well return to work right now.”

Why? Because when there’s a safety net, when you know someone or something will be there to catch you you’re not going to go all out to make it work. You’re not completely and totally invested.

In this six-minute video you’ll see me leap from a jetty fully-clothed on to a stand-up paddle board. I don’t have another outfit in my office or my car, because I won’t be needing one. I have complete faith I will find my feet.

It’s time to join me, let’s cut the parachute strings and if a shark appears you can borrow my paddle.

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