In what has been a very sad week in the news – 49 killed in Orlando – it’s a massive reminder to make sure we’re fast tracking life to live on path, on purpose and passion fuelled … because time is finite.

One of my favourite says is: “Life has no dress rehearsal”.

And to help you take centre stage, quickly, swiftly and easily;  this week I delve deep into “Your Story”, exclusively, with my personal mindset coach Eliza Priddle, of the Mindset Mechanix.

Perhaps there are areas of your life – love, happiness, health – that are really rocking while others – finance, wealth and success – are lacking, or vice versa; well, all of that can be fixed when you challenge and conquer the narrative running in your head.

In this Facebook Live interview I put to Eliza — how to isolate and then change the sound bytes.

The quality of this video is pixelated at times, but due to popular request during the live streaming, I decided to not let a grainy image cloud great content.

Enjoy, and please, post a comment or question below and I’ll have Eliza answer you personally.

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