They can be used on journalists, spouses and even teenagers to deftly, seamlessly and triumphantly avoid answering questions and then change the topic…

They are segue-ways and no doubt you’ve seen a politician or two answer without answering and then in the blink of an eye set sail on a new course of discussion.

Segue-ways / transitions / or bridging passages give confidence to even the most nervous of rising newbie Media Darlings™ in their pursuit of free publicity.

So if you’re worried you’ll be asked something you can’t – or don’t want – to answer, are fearful of “sounding silly”, being “misquoted” or burning media bridges, read on for bridging passages…

Media Interviews: Segue-way No. 1

Said something you shouldn’t have, or wish you’d said it better? Try this one …

“Just before we move on,” you will say to the reporter. “I just want to clarify what I said earlier…”

Or ….

“Just before we wrap up,” you might say to the reporter. “I just want to mention …”

Media Interviews: Segue-way No. 2

Asked something you can’t or don’t want to answer?

“That’s a great question and I’d love to be able to answer it, but unfortunately, there are some sensitivities that stop me going into it right now, but as soon as that changes, I’d love to come back and share with you and your readers/listeners/viewers first.”

Media Interviews: Segue-way No. 3

And while there are many segue-ways in a media trainer’s bag of tricks, a third segue-way for when you’re asked what you don’t know the answer to, even if you should …

“I’m really sorry, I don’t know the answer to that, but I will find out and come straight back to you. When is your deadline?”

Incorporate segue-ways into your daily conversation and watch the fun factor not only rise but your confidence soar as you become a Media Darling™ on and off camera.

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