All you need is a smart phone (for practice), a napkin (for your script), and a radio or TV (to listen to real life examples) and you’re all set.

Oh yes …. you’ll also need a segue-way or two (bridging passages) to take control of the interview… although the ‘politically correct’ definition would be to ‘clarify and consolidate your message’.

But the reality is, it’s your brand, your business, your career and you’d like a little control.

You see the fear of being “misquoted” or “sounding silly” is one of the most common reasons why savvy entrepreneurs shy away from the media – but it’s actually one of the easiest to fix.

All it takes is a little practice, a little structure and a few segue-ways.

So let’s look at your opening interview statement – which in the industry is called an “Inverse Pyramid”.

It sounds fancy and technical, but really it just involves starting the interview with a general statement that nicely (and briefly) sums up your position, before leading into an example/anecdote.

Think of the pyramid standing on its head, with a thick, broad base … this is your message, delivered right up front before narrowing down to the pointy end of the pyramid, or the specifics of your message / examples.

Inverse pyramids are used heavily in radio and TV to save time – if a radio or TV producer needs to cut the interview, s/he will most likely use your general statement, which just so happens to contain your perfectly branded “general statement“.

However, once you’ve learned that opener almost word-for-word I highly recommend you then break it down into three bullet points to:

a) avoid sounding too rehearsed,

b) make it easier to remember under pressure and

c) fit it on a napkin, as a back-up script.

And next time you’re in the car listening to the radio, or have the TV news on in the background, teach your ear to listen for this “Inverse Pyramid” – you’ll find practical examples on the hour, every hour.

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