You’ve most likely heard of “pregnancy brain” but have you heard of “video brain”?

You know, one minute you’re a bright, articulate entrepreneur and the next minute – red recording light flashing – you can’t even remember who you are, where you’re from or what you do.

Well, you’re in great company.

When I started recording videos and Facebook Live Streaming some six months ago, I was a blithering, stammering fool – even though I’ve been on national TV and statewide TV many a time.

It’s a little bit embarrassing to admit given I am a multi-published, multi-featured “Media Darling”.

For some reason, recording my own video – without someone interviewing me, or joining the conversation – left me a little unnerved, unhinged and at times scatterbrained.

So I developed a system, it’s low-tech, low cost and will take you just over four minutes to learn it.

Happy live streaming.

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