Have you ever wondered if “successful” people feel fear?

It seems like once they’ve made it, all that other stuff – that internal dialogue: angst, anxiety and self doubt – just fades away, right?

Well, as I was waiting for my turn to step on stage in front of 800 of the world’s best online marketers at Launch Con in Los Angeles, that very thought was running through my mind.

It was in my conscious thinking because New York Times #1 Bestseller Jeff Walker – creator of Product Launch Formula – had touched on that very topic and asked that very question just that morning.

And so it seemed a natural segue-way for my short speech as one of 11 finalists in a global marketing competition.

You can watch that talk here.

First prize in the international competition – to be Jeff Walker’s spokesperson for his special Tribe ‘Launch Club’ – was a Ferrari.

I didn’t take home the car, but I did win what I was aiming for: a $20,000 workshop ticket to spend two days in a small, intimate retreat with Jeff.

And this is the talk that did it.

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