“The only thing you’ve got in this world is what you can sell.”  – Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman

Think ‘salesman’ and no doubt the image of a bloated, middle aged white man with a bad comb over quickly springs to mind.

Sporting a smile that even his own mother wouldn’t trust and a handshake that makes your skin want to leave your body; and it’s no wonder ‘sales’ is a dirty word.

It’s also no doubt why the passion centred entrepreneur, with a product or service to sell, is so reluctant to consider themselves in the business of sales, let alone a salesman or saleswoman.

But sales is what makes a business, says Anthony Camacho, an international sales and performance mentor who has worked with start-ups to $40 million ‘small businesses’.

“Entrepreneurs have a negative connotation of what a salesperson is,” Camacho says.

“They think it’s being sleazy, pushy, overbearing and manipulative – there’s a very negative mindset around being a salesperson.

“But the newage seller believes that their business is here to serve others, provide solutions and improve their life personally and professionally, so serve from the heart instead of the ego.”

Camacho said the fear of rejection, not knowing what to say or being unable to handle rejections, was a clear sign entrepreneurs were selling from an ‘ego’ space.

“The best part of being an entrepreneur is that you get to decide to what of selling style best serves your heart and best serves your business,” he said.

“Newage sellers understand exactly what the customer’s current situation is, their pain points, the barriers that are keeping them from their desire to move forward and then give them an understanding of how their product or program is the solution.”

Camacho, also known as The Hitman for his ability to turn ‘cold into sold’, said business owners often feared rejection because they made it all about themselves and their products.

The quickest way to overcome the fear of rejection was to ask more heartfelt questions and serve – rather than sell – to the customer.

“Be concerned about how many people you can serve not sell to,” Camacho said. “It’s about being able to quieten your mind.

“When you slow down and focus on the one client that’s in front of you then you can close the deal instead of just thinking of ‘Who’s next’?”

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