There’s the surgeon who pins patient ‘flags’ to his dog sled, the racer who ‘speed dated’ huskies to pay forward an act of kindness, and the ceramic rabbit figurine collector.

All of these stories have one thing in common — one thing that you can use to connect, convert and grow your audience. One thing to profitise the power of your story.

And in this exclusive interview with 20-year story telling veteran and award-winning documentary filmmaker Alex Stein, we’re going to discover how to do just that through the power of ‘leaning in’.

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This isn’t my strongest moment, but it’s without doubt my most courageous. Even though I’m clearly terrified.

But that’s the thing about fear – great things await just the other side.

Perhaps you have a fear of media, a fear of success, a fear of the spotlight — being recognised and credited for the expert you truly are.

Well take my hand and take a leap of faith with me, I’ll be your human backpack (aka parachute).

Enjoy the video and a quick reminder — just hours til enrolments for the Winning Publicity Formula close.

A global guru offers to showcase your talents, brand and unique abilities via a 3-minute ‘booster’ video OR a 3-5-minute interview. Which one would you or ‘should’ you choose?

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Sometimes Mother Nature can be so thoughtless.

You have an urgent media release to get out, a story that is timely with an expiration date but there’s a cyclone, hurricane or typhoon bearing down.

Well that’s what’s happening in Queensland, Australia right now.

So when, then, will this story – or any other major event – run out of ‘puff’ and open the door for your story opportunity?

Because there is an ‘opening’ and it’s coming soon.

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You’ve most likely heard of “pregnancy brain” but have you heard of “video brain”?

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