It’s time for the lasso of truth, to ‘out’ a non-superhero ‘hero’.

You see, while it is true that Wonder Woman and I have never been seen at the same time, at the same place. I am in fact, not of Amazonian immortal descent.

Even though I may or may not own a Wonder Woman singlet – which I secretly wear under a blouse during the colder months – alas neither am I the daughter of Queen Hippolyta.

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You know, I had forgotten what it was like. How terrifying it was to put yourself ‘out’ there ‘out’ there.

Having worked in media and publicity for the past 20 years, I couldn’t remember a time when I struggled to get on TV, on radio or in magazines and newspapers. It had been my Business Owner Secret Sauce.

But then ‘Big Magic’ hit last month, suddenly and unexpectedly while sitting in a convention in Phoenix.

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My father once told me that life had no dress rehearsals; that we didn’t get to “do over” a scene we didn’t like or star in more screenings than originally booked.

That is, unlike Aussie singer John Farnham (who’s famous for a dozen or so ‘last comeback tours)’, or the never-ending parade of Cats musicals, life – unlike a show – is finite.

Life has an expiration date.

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Have you ever wondered whether you should just go and get a day job? Quit and join the ant trail on the highway that drives to and from work every day? I know I have.

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