Not long ago Israel and Bel Smith, sold the family house, re-homed the cat, took the kids out of school, and boarded a purpose-built bus to live the dream, to drive around Australia and transform children’s health, one lunch-box at a time.

And they have taken the media with them.

Rolling out the Multiples Secret, from my Winning Publicity Formula, the family have not only filled live events and online workshops but quadrupled their social media fans and secured countless sponsors. Continue reading “Case Study: The Lunchbox Bandits” »

Mother-of-three Alecia Staines needed to monetize her media appearances so that once her maternity leave finished she wouldn’t need to return to classroom teaching.

Over the past nine months – since finishing her training – she has appeared at least 20 times in the media, including four times on TV and three front-page newspaper stories. She has secured over $340,000 in free publicity for herself and her non-profit the Consumer Maternity Network, and has not had to return to work. Continue reading “Case Study: Cattle Yards, Babies & DIY Caesars” »