As a solo parent and frequent flying entrepreneur (think 45 workshops in four cities last year alone), my friends often worry about my workload.

But truth be told, I don’t stress about all the balls I’m juggling until my peers comment about all the balls I’m juggling… Their well-meaning ‘judgements’ often causing more stress than my actual to-do list.

And recent studies around stress may back me up here — stress is only bad for you, if you believe it is. Continue reading “Why Pressure Is Good For You” »

They can be used on journalists, spouses and even teenagers to deftly, seamlessly and triumphantly avoid answering questions and then change the topic…

They are segue-ways and no doubt you’ve seen a politician or two answer without answering and then in the blink of an eye set sail on a new course of discussion.

Segue-ways / transitions / or bridging passages give confidence to even the most nervous of rising newbie Media Darlings™ in their pursuit of free publicity. Continue reading “How To Avoid Being Misquoted In The Media – Part Two” »

All you need is a smart phone (for practice), a napkin (for your script), and a radio or TV (to listen to real life examples) and you’re all set.

Oh yes …. you’ll also need a segue-way or two (bridging passages) to take control of the interview… although the ‘politically correct’ definition would be to ‘clarify and consolidate your message’.

But the reality is, it’s your brand, your business, your career and you’d like a little control. Continue reading “How To Avoid Being Misquoted In The Media – Part One” »