First comes the self-censoring.

Comments – both spoken and written – are diluted to avoid poking what lurks beneath the bridge.

Then comes the withdrawal to the sidelines as the once boldly spoken, visionary entrepreneur starts to question their innovative, progressive ideas and techniques.

And finally, as negative “press” is unable to be shaken, the business owner retreats once and for all.

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You’ve most likely heard of “pregnancy brain” but have you heard of “video brain”?

You know, one minute you’re a bright, articulate entrepreneur and the next minute – red recording light flashing – you can’t even remember who you are, where you’re from or what you do. Continue reading “Hate(d) Video? Me Too – So Here’s A Cheat Sheet” »

Have you ever wondered if “successful” people feel fear?

It seems like once they’ve made it, all that other stuff – that internal dialogue: angst, anxiety and self doubt – just fades away, right? Continue reading “Fear, Ferraris And The Courage Formula” »

It’s not facts and figures handed down from generation to generation – it’s stories.

It’s not facts and ‘stats’ that great teachers use to illustrate and accelerate learnings, it’s stories.

So why then do so many entrepreneurs withhold and under value the power of their personal story? Continue reading “Warning: You’re Losing Money Not Using Your Story” »

From not knowing who I am to ‘belching’, ‘rewinding’ myself and delivering that old adage: “trust in the copy”… here are a few laughs plus sage advice in the second bloopers show reel from part two of the Winning Publicity Formula launch.

P.S If you missed part one, you can watch that here.


If pitching press releases to reporters sends shivers down your spine, or time is a serious issue, than hiring a publicist could be the best media marketing option.

But how do you know who to choose, what to expect, or even, what’s a reasonable fee, to ensure your needs are met on budget and on time.

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In what has been a very sad week in the news – 49 killed in Orlando – it’s a massive reminder to make sure we’re fast tracking life to live on path, on purpose and passion fuelled … because time is finite.

One of my favourite says is: “Life has no dress rehearsal”. Continue reading “Life Has No Dress Rehearsal” »

It’s tempting to bury your head in the sand, pretend the social media post never happened, that someone wasn’t offended, or a trust wasn’t breached.

Or in my case, that the fabulous new eBook you promised to deliver, went MIC (Missing In The Clouds).

Except, the mistake did happen.  Continue reading “Ninjas, Lemons and Tequila – The Secret Cure To A ‘Mistake Hangover’” »

With just two minutes of ninja focus you could nail a media interview to launch your brand into the stratosphere.

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