My father once told me that life had no dress rehearsals; that we didn’t get to “do over” a scene we didn’t like or star in more screenings than originally booked.

That is, unlike Aussie singer John Farnham (who’s famous for a dozen or so ‘last comeback tours)’, or the never-ending parade of Cats musicals, life – unlike a show – is finite.

Life has an expiration date.

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First comes the self-censoring.

Comments – both spoken and written – are diluted to avoid poking what lurks beneath the bridge.

Then comes the withdrawal to the sidelines as the once boldly spoken, visionary entrepreneur starts to question their innovative, progressive ideas and techniques.

And finally, as negative “press” is unable to be shaken, the business owner retreats once and for all.

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You’ve most likely heard of “pregnancy brain” but have you heard of “video brain”?

You know, one minute you’re a bright, articulate entrepreneur and the next minute – red recording light flashing – you can’t even remember who you are, where you’re from or what you do. Continue reading “Hate(d) Video? Me Too – So Here’s A Cheat Sheet” »

Have you ever wondered if “successful” people feel fear?

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It’s not facts and figures handed down from generation to generation – it’s stories.

It’s not facts and ‘stats’ that great teachers use to illustrate and accelerate learnings, it’s stories.

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Have you ever wondered whether you should just go and get a day job? Quit and join the ant trail on the highway that drives to and from work every day? I know I have.

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Having had a business wash away during an inland tsunami, I often get asked the question: “When is an obstacle in business just a challenge to be overcome or a sign of something more systemic?” Continue reading “Lessons From Irresponsible Paddlers” »

From not knowing who I am to ‘belching’, ‘rewinding’ myself and delivering that old adage: “trust in the copy”… here are a few laughs plus sage advice in the second bloopers show reel from part two of the Winning Publicity Formula launch.

P.S If you missed part one, you can watch that here.


Warning: This is shot on location on a bull-shark infested windy canal on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. If you’re wearing earphones, apologies for the blast of wind at the beginning. It was great sailing weather.

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Not long ago Israel and Bel Smith, sold the family house, re-homed the cat, took the kids out of school, and boarded a purpose-built bus to live the dream, to drive around Australia and transform children’s health, one lunch-box at a time.

And they have taken the media with them.

Rolling out the Multiples Secret, from my Winning Publicity Formula, the family have not only filled live events and online workshops but quadrupled their social media fans and secured countless sponsors. Continue reading “Case Study: The Lunchbox Bandits” »