Let’s be honest. It was (and is) a bit of a ‘sausage fest’.

Don’t believe me? Take the Google test.

Type in “who were the top motivational speakers in the 1980s” and you’ll be lucky to find Australian journalist and former magazine head honcho Ita Buttrose in the Top 20.

Change the search perimeters to 2018 and it’s not much different.

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“The only thing you’ve got in this world is what you can sell.”  – Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman

Think ‘salesman’ and no doubt the image of a bloated, middle aged white man with a bad comb over quickly springs to mind.

Sporting a smile that even his own mother wouldn’t trust and a handshake that makes your skin want to leave your body; and it’s no wonder ‘sales’ is a dirty word.

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There’s the surgeon who pins patient ‘flags’ to his dog sled, the racer who ‘speed dated’ huskies to pay forward an act of kindness, and the ceramic rabbit figurine collector.

All of these stories have one thing in common — one thing that you can use to connect, convert and grow your audience. One thing to profitise the power of your story.

And in this exclusive interview with 20-year story telling veteran and award-winning documentary filmmaker Alex Stein, we’re going to discover how to do just that through the power of ‘leaning in’.

Watch here –> http://bit.ly/AlexSteinLeanIn


It’s time for the lasso of truth, to ‘out’ a non-superhero ‘hero’.

You see, while it is true that Wonder Woman and I have never been seen at the same time, at the same place. I am in fact, not of Amazonian immortal descent.

Even though I may or may not own a Wonder Woman singlet – which I secretly wear under a blouse during the colder months – alas neither am I the daughter of Queen Hippolyta.

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This isn’t my strongest moment, but it’s without doubt my most courageous. Even though I’m clearly terrified.

But that’s the thing about fear – great things await just the other side.

Perhaps you have a fear of media, a fear of success, a fear of the spotlight — being recognised and credited for the expert you truly are.

Well take my hand and take a leap of faith with me, I’ll be your human backpack (aka parachute).

Enjoy the video and a quick reminder — just hours til enrolments for the Winning Publicity Formula close.

You know, I had forgotten what it was like. How terrifying it was to put yourself ‘out’ there ‘out’ there.

Having worked in media and publicity for the past 20 years, I couldn’t remember a time when I struggled to get on TV, on radio or in magazines and newspapers. It had been my Business Owner Secret Sauce.

But then ‘Big Magic’ hit last month, suddenly and unexpectedly while sitting in a convention in Phoenix.

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A global guru offers to showcase your talents, brand and unique abilities via a 3-minute ‘booster’ video OR a 3-5-minute interview. Which one would you or ‘should’ you choose?

Does a testimonial have a longer shelf life? Or do interviews create more buzz and bonus content? And which is best when it comes to sponsorship deals? Watch to find out … Continue reading “[CHEAT SHEET] Interviews vs Testimonials: The Pros and Cons” »

This isn’t my idea. But then none of them really are.

It’s not that I steal other people’s creations, concepts or inventions, it’s just that the ideas were not mine to begin with; and they’re not yours either. Let me explain…

Ever had an exciting new, ground breaking, innovative, inspirational surge of creative adrenalin only to find out someone beat you to it?

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Sometimes Mother Nature can be so thoughtless.

You have an urgent media release to get out, a story that is timely with an expiration date but there’s a cyclone, hurricane or typhoon bearing down.

Well that’s what’s happening in Queensland, Australia right now.

So when, then, will this story – or any other major event – run out of ‘puff’ and open the door for your story opportunity?

Because there is an ‘opening’ and it’s coming soon.

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Sometimes it’s so hard to put a vision into words.

If only there was an entrepreneurial wand akin to Dumbledore’s pensieve, that not only put breath into old memories but life into new ideas.

And yet some business owners seem to have an inbuilt magical spell for turning concepts into creations, while others struggle with an endless highlight reel of unactioned genius.

So how then to turn imagination into reality?

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