This isn’t my idea. But then none of them really are.

It’s not that I steal other people’s creations, concepts or inventions, it’s just that the ideas were not mine to begin with; and they’re not yours either. Let me explain…

Ever had an exciting new, ground breaking, innovative, inspirational surge of creative adrenalin only to find out someone beat you to it?

It’s your baby, a unique concept that only you know about, using the language and words that only you speak … but somehow, someone in another state or country, stole your thunder.

Or did they? Because I want to introduce you to the concept of Big Magic — think of it as Commitment Phobic Creativity on Steroids.

Now, I didn’t come up with this concept and neither did Elizabeth Gilbert who penned the book Big Magic.

In fact, great artists of our time and even before recognised inspiration and creativity existing outside the body in the form of a muse.

The muse was the artist’s inspiration and if the work was substandard that day, it was because the muse was too. The artist was not to blame.

So what does this mean for the entrepreneur?

Well two things really: firstly, if ideas exist outside the body then a bad idea is not yours. Blame the muse. It lifts the pressure. Or does it?

Gilbert argues that a single impulse drives ideas – manifestation – and the only way an idea can manifest is via human collaboration.

In other words, Big Magical Ideas ‘bounce’ from entrepreneur to entrepreneur until they find someone willing to take Big Action.

Think this is baloney?

Isaac Newton, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and others are all cited examples of multiple independent discovery; while Charles Darwin AND Alfred Russel Wallace both claimed the theory of evolution.

The occurrence of Multiple Independent Discovery has many a historian, scientist and sociologist perplexed.

But what does this translate to outside the hallowed walls of academia?

What does this spell for the small business owner?

The answer? Be open, ready and willing to receive Big Magic because when s/he hits, you’ll want to catch it, grow it and own it before your muse moves on.

In other words, it’s time to take Big Action.


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