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Case Study: Cattle Yards, Babies & DIY Caesars

Mother-of-three Alecia Staines needed to monetize her media appearances so that once her maternity leave finished she wouldn’t need to return to classroom teaching.

Over the past nine months – since finishing her training – she has appeared at least 20 times in the media, including four times on TV and three front-page newspaper stories.

She has secured over $340,000 in free publicity for herself and her non-profit the Consumer Maternity Network, and has not had to return to work.


Life Has No Dress Rehearsal

In what has been a very sad week in the news – 49 killed in Orlando – it’s a massive reminder to make sure we’re fast tracking life to live on path, on purpose and passion fuelled … because time is finite. One of my favourite says is: “Life has no dress rehearsal”.


Why Media Is The Secret Ingredient

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Why Pressure Is Good For You

As a solo parent and frequent flying entrepreneur (think 45 workshops in four cities last year alone), my friends often worry about my workload. But truth be told, I don’t stress about all the balls I’m juggling until my peers comment about all the balls I’m juggling… Their well-meaning ‘judgements’ often causing more stress than […]