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What are you waiting for?

My father once told me that life had no dress rehearsals; that we didn’t get to “do over” a scene we didn’t like or star in more screenings than originally booked. That is, unlike Aussie singer John Farnham (who’s famous for a dozen or so ‘last comeback tours)’, or the never-ending parade of Cats musicals, […]


Why Disrupters Should Celebrate ‘Haters’

First comes the self-censoring. Comments – both spoken and written – are diluted to avoid poking what lurks beneath the bridge. Then comes the withdrawal to the sidelines as the once boldly spoken, visionary entrepreneur starts to question their innovative, progressive ideas and techniques. And finally, as negative “press” is unable to be shaken, the […]


Oops she did it again (part two)

From not knowing who I am to ‘belching’, ‘rewinding’ myself and delivering that old adage: “trust in the copy”… here are a few laughs plus sage advice in the second bloopers show reel from part two of the Winning Publicity Formula launch. P.S If you missed part one, you can watch that here.